Side projects

Done on free time, with curiosity.
Some projects done in my free time, either out of necessity or out of curiosity:

This site is served to you with the Laravel framework, from my dedicated Kimsufi server under Debian.
Follow-up of visits is done in a non-aggressive way with Matomo (formerly Piwik) on
This server hosts my private git repository, an ssh server, my mail server with PostFix / Dovecot / Spamassassin, my Owncloud server, a Piwigo photo site with its Database under Docker, ...
It is accessible in ipv4 and ipv6 (which is not configured by default at Kimsufi).
Why am I putting all of this on my blog, well because all of this can be found and scanning my server or my DNS zone and obscurity is a bad idea.

omen logo
                     Omen File Manager

I have used Responsive File Manager on a few projects but it is not suitable for a modern framework like Laravel. I also tried to adapt it in a dedicated library, but after all, the code being of another age and including old libraries as not possible, I was not able to implement all the options. The result does work though and is available on GitHub.

So I wanted to create a web file manager that wants to be complete and adaptable. There is still a lot of work to be done on both the frontend and the backend.
It is a Laravel plugin, it is made in PHP, Coffeescript and Sass with Bootstrap, Yarn, Webpack and various other libraries (pdf.js, mediaelements, ..) including bootstrap-fileinput to which I had to contribute since it contained troublesome bugs for my project.

                                          Laravel Responsive File Manager plugin

As said before, it is a plugin to adapt responsive file manager on the Laravel framework.
It is not as successful as I would like because going from an old PHP code expired for 10 years to a modern MVC style library requires unraveling a big pile of sticky code, it is rather time-consuming one will say.

             MSI Keyboard CLI

It's kind of a wrapper around a library that controls the MSI keyboard backlight. It is written in Node.js and especially intended to fill the lack with possibility to modify the backlight under Linux. To use it you must have installed lib-usb or equivalent.

I also had to carry out other projects but these within the framework of the work, but obviously these are private. This ranges from the IOS application (I made the prototype), to the mass mailing application or in the same taste a custom CRM with bounce management, opening sending statistics and the possibility of including an electronic signature, PDF files all on a dedicated server with a dedicated MTA.